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This is a Inbox Blueprint review that shows you how you can become a inboxer and earn with Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim. Check out the official website at

Inbox Blueprint – Are You An Inboxer?

inbox blueprintIf you ever heard the famous quote “money is in the list” or want one of the most proven ways to earn online than you need to check this out.  Anik Singal the creator of inbox blueprint has gone beyond the call of duty to deliver a product that is both detailed and comprehensive.

So What Is Inbox Blueprint?

It’s a course that focuses on earning by sending out emails, also called newsletters and broadcasts. It is one of the oldest ways to earn money online that has stood the test of time.  Why? Because it works by itself, but can also be implemented into any business model you have.

That means it works for both people that never made any money online and don’t have a website or a blog as well as the people that do have some kind of internet property. Despite the technological advances email still remains the most popular form of communication in business.

Overview of Inbox Blueprint

The course consists of introduction, 8 step program, inbox elite, inbox inner circle bonuses and helpful resources. This is probably one of the most complete out of the box system out there. Each module consists of both text and videos so you get a better understanding of the whole process.  Let’s take a look at the steps.

  1. Addiction Meter – This module consists of 6 sub-modules with one of them being an exercise like in all steps. Addiction meter is all about the best niches and how to find them.
  2. The Bait – This is all about your squeeze page or opt-in page.  In it you’ll learn all the different types as well as what works the best.
  3. TYP Method - Anik’s secret sauce where he reveals where 90% of marketers go wrong.
  4. Email Machine – Everything about auto-responders and how to use them properly. Include click tracking and other tips.
  5. List Relationship – As the name suggest, how to deal with your list. Here Anik dismisses another popular myth.
  6. Payday Secrets – Monetize your list with the best practices. Anik show you how to extract the most out of the list you build.
  7. Easy Traffic - You’ll need traffic to build your list and Anik’s got you covered. He offers 7 unique ways to get traffic for FREE.
  8. Unlimited Success – Need even more? In this module you learn how to scale up.
Inbox Elite and Inner Circle

These two are addition module that will further increase your success. The elite includes a web based software to build your opt-in or landing pages with ease and weekly webinars.  You don’t need any coding or HTLM knowledge to do it. All of it is click and type.

Inner circle consist of monthly niches and specific templates. Free customizable report to give away as well as stats, top products to promote and sources.

Inbox Blueprint Bonus

This software comes with a lot of bonuses including action checklists, guide to solo ads, best swipes and headlines, outsourcing and giveaways.

How Do You Earn?

I know that most people reading this review ant to know how do you actually make money and how much. Well, like I said before you simply mail out an email and earn commissions based on the number of leads or sales it generated.

The number itself might vary, but with skills and knowlege you will gain InBox Blueprint teachings those number will be high. As you see your list or lists will be constantly growing and earning your more and more each day by managing your lists.

This is another important factor that I’ve learned from inbox blueprint. You Anik shows you how to not only effectively grow your list, but also to manage it correctly. This means your subscribers will be more engaging and responsive when you send them emails. This lesson alone helped me earn 50% more from my list.

That’s why I definitely recommend this system. Don’t let this opportunity pass you and CLICK HERE to check out inbox blueprint by Anik Singal.


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