Exclusive: Elite Trader App Review | Another Binary Scam?

Do you want to finally know if Eugene Conrad’s Elite Trader App is a scam or not?

If the answer is Yes, then you came to the right place because in the review below I’ll explain how this is the first binary option software in the last year that is actually worth checking out.

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Review of  “Elite Trader App” by Eugene Conrad

elite-trader-appIf you have been bombarded with emails about the latest and greatest binary options software whole this year, you’re probably sick of them.

I know I am, that’s why I refused to review them this year until I found something that was at least half decent. Which is a shame because I know binary options are really profitable when done correctly.

For example one of the thing I found really profitable is double checking the binary software and putting in manual trades. I myself made quite a lot of money doing so, but it requires some trading knowledge and can become really tedious after a while.

You see there are several problems with automated trading software.

  • it doesn’t factor in lag/sever delay
  • response time depends on server speed
  • are prone to bugs if unchecked
  • glitches that cause wrong signal recognisio

Now if you ever got caught with a  buggy bot you could loose your deposit in just few trades.  That is why I always made sure by placing manual trades.

So, when I heard that the elite trader app only gives you signals that are double-checked by actual traders I was excited to say the least.  This meant trading binary could be both profitable and easy.

But Does It Work?

That’s the million dollar question. Well, after running the software for little over a week I can say that it works like a charm.

The software was able to earn me about $1,500 per day consistently. Which is definitely  nothing to sneeze at considering it’s around 45 grands per month.

If you like to get started with it as well here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Go to the official site by clicking on the right elitetraderapp.com

Step 2: Enter a real email (make sure it’s one you didn’t use to nit land in spam)

Step 3: Proceed with the sign up process, pick a broker and deposit (you use the deposit to trade with so it’s still your money)

After that you will be able to use Elite Trader App to start earning over $1000 a day. Or you can start slower and build up from there.